Eco Lighting

Eco-Lighting / LED White Light Illuminators
The evolutionary changes within the CCTV market with the introduction of IP based camera’s and advancements in the recording of video is enabling dramatic improvements in the deployment and integration of an organisations overall security provision. However, some of the most exciting emerging technologies which compliment these improvements are around low-energy yet high performance LED lighting solutions. These bring a two-fold business benefit to any organisation looking to improve the quality of their images and importantly, reduce their power costs, maintenance costs and achieve the business-critical reduction in their carbon footprint.

With the introduction of the Government’s Climate Change Act 2008, directives are now in place which affects both the public and private sector. All businesses in the UK have very specific targets to achieve in order to satisfy these requirements. At present, the government is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 34% by 2020 although this is an interim measure with the ultimate goal being a mandatory 80% reduction by 2050. This translates to business with a cut of emissions under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, approved in May 2007 which firmly places the emphasis and responsibility on the organisation. IES Security’s low-energy lighting solutions can help your organisation make significant savings and help you achieve the goals underlined within your company’s carbon reduction policy.

IES Security is able to provide and install a wide and varied range of internal and external lighting solutions. Historically, 24/7 CCTV coverage has required infra red illumination during the hours of darkness…traditional sodium floodlighting just doesn’t provide an accurate colour reproduction, hence most solutions provided in the past have delivered the common greyscale video feed which while adequate, doesn’t offer the immeasurably better quality of a full colour picture, now possible at night when using new cutting-edge “true white” LED lighting solutions.

The team at IES Security are great fans of white light for one very simple reason: White light allows you to capture colour images around the clock. The reality is, in any surveillance situation you would always rather capture full colour images than black and white. With a colour image, that car at the barrier or entering your car park is red…with a monochrome image and IR lighting we can see a grey car at the gate, or is it blue, or silver or even red? The benefit to your security personnel when identifying and reporting an event to your organisation and indeed the local authorities is improved considerably.

Furthermore, the return on investment when replacing old-style redundant sodium lighting can be achieved in less than three years. When aligned with the clear business benefits detailed above, the question now is not why you should consider upgrading your existing lighting provision, but when. With extensive experience and the ability to help guide your organisation, select IES Security as your partner of choice.