Retail Solutions

Retail / Global Solutions
With the growth of International brands and business’, many businesses particularly in the retail sector have multiple sites and many have operations in several countries. This has created various security problems for the clients who want to be able to connect to and control several different manufactures CCTV, access control and intruder equipment from different locations around the country or indeed the world.

Integrated Electronic Security has responded to this problem by providing our clients with one front end software application which can be tailor made to fit around the different manufacturer’s equipment and technologies they already have installed, so the client can connect to and interrogate their CCTV, access and intruder systems without having to use several different software programs.

These systems allow our highly trained technical support engineers access to each site and carry out any programming and diagnostics via a laptop from anywhere in the world.
CCTV is a very powerful tool outside of its security function within this business sector thanks to the advent of analytics, allowing for real-time and recorded analysis of general footfall and shopping trends and give good visual evidence of the behavior of both staff and customers.